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Recording of Leap Year concert 29 Feb 2020  Leap Year Concert February 2020



Rehearsals Spring 2020   

link to Soundcloud recordings:    Beethoven Missa Solemnis


Other practice resources for Missa Solemnis

This is free, online, and uses real singers. You can select which part you listen to (SATB)


Choraline breaks the piece down into smaller chunks.                                                              Librarians are willing to get block order of CDs if enough people want them.

You can also download your part - £9.99

John Fletcher
Electronic playing but free. If you were previously registered for subscription and it's expired you will need to re-register for free downloads.



Past rehearsals (from September 2019) can be found here 

Scroll down beside the tracks to find earlier rehearsal recordings on Soundcloud




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Older rehearsals are available on our soundcloud page