Music scores at London Forest Choir – How it works

Major works are loaned to you free by the library team

When we are to perform a longer, book-bound work, such as Brahms Requiem, or Jonathan's Day At the Fair, the librarian procures copies which are issued to members free of charge, to be returned after the relevant concert. You may use soft pencil in these but please do not make other marks or punch holes in them. Sometimes lenders require us to erase all markings before return. The library team can always lend you a rubber!

Short photocopied songs cost 50p

Even when we are working towards the performance of a major work, there will often be other shorter, photocopied pieces which Jonathan will also wish to rehearse so we are ready to perform at other events or festivals. These shorter, photocopied pieces will be issued at the price of 50p each. Some concerts (eg Advent 2017) are sung entirely from such pieces, in which case a bundle discount is often available.

All songs you have paid for belong in your Personal Archive

It is the responsibility of each choir member to keep all such copies in what we call your "Personal Archive". Months (or even years) after being issued, Jonathan may ask you to locate a certain piece in your Personal Archive and start bringing it to rehearsals again. If you can't find it, you will have to pay another 50p for a new one (as will new members who joined since it was issued).

Why do we charge 50p?

As well as covering the photocopying costs, the intention of the 50p charge is to encourage members to look after their Personal Archive and re-use their music. This saves trees (and the library team's and Jonathan's time).

Tips for maintaining your Personal Archive

Since these pieces are yours to keep, consider writing your name on them to help distinguish them from music to be returned. Many people find it easiest to punch holes in this music and keep it in a ring binder at home. You can use plastic sleeves if you don't want to punch holes. Alphabetical order makes for quicker retrieval; filing by title rather than composer is recommended, as it's easier to remember. You don't need to bring your Personal Archive to rehearsals - only individual pieces from it that Jonathan has specified.

The exception: Christmas

Since Jonathan re-uses Christmas pieces every year for various choirs, Christmas music is issued as a loan, even though it's a bundle of short photocopied pieces. No money is charged, and it doesn't go in your Personal Archive. You just return the bundle after the Christmas concert, as you would with a book-bound score.