Stage Management Notes

Most important is that we enjoy ourselves, smile (in the right places) and watch Jonathan (especially in the wrong places).

1          Concert dress


Floor-length long-sleeved black dress or top and skirt, or smart trousers, with black tights/stockings/socks and shoes


All black: shirt, trousers and jacket; black shoes. No coloured waistcoats or bow ties (except at Christmas)

2          Processing on and off stage

Wherever possible the choir will process on and off stage at the start of the concert, and at start and end of interval; this may involve getting into formation backstage. Normal practice to get on-stage, is back row first, front row last, and the reverse coming off. However, this may vary depending on venue.

Listen for instructions during the afternoon rehearsal preceding the concert, together with a practice walk-through.

Remain standing until whole choir is on stage. When last choir member is on stage, look to last person on stage for signal to sit.

Remain seated and do not applaud when the conductor and soloists enter. Stand on signal from conductor.

3          Applause

At interval and at the end of the concert, do applaud conductor and any soloists, but remember to stop clapping when choir is receiving applause.

Orchestra present

When applause is finished, take our cue from the orchestra, and sit or remain standing. Move off stage giving precedence to the orchestra.

No orchestra

Sit when Jonathan leaves the stage. He will bring us to our feet again if/when he returns.  If we stay seated, watch for a cue to stand up together when the applause is finished, and file off in order.

4          Interval

The interval is usually 15 minutes - this may vary to ensure everyone can access refreshments. Look for indication from concert manager or choir chair to line up, and respond promptly. Make your way quickly to the arranged assembly point and get into position.

5          On-stage behaviour

The audience wants to see the choir and to see us enjoying the music. If we enjoy it, they will. Hold your music so that you can see and be seen.

Consider the audience:

·        switch off mobile phones

·        don't shuffle or chat while on stage

·        turn pages quietly - the audience has come to hear the music

·        during solos and instrumental pieces in the concert, avoid attracting attention eg by undertaking obvious and major reorganisations of the music in your folder. Don't look bored either!

·        don't leave music on/under your seat at the interval unless instructed

·       Drink water discreetly

·       Avoid excessive use of perfumes


6          Returning music

Librarian will give instructions at rehearsal about the return of music post-concert. These (and reminders) will be given before the concert. If you miss the main collection you are responsible for getting your music back to the librarian immediately and may be charged the full price of replacement copies if you do not meet the deadline. Similarly, if you have borrowed a folder make sure you return this immediately.