Instructions for helpers

Tea and coffee to be set out with milk already in them (a few to be left without milk for people who prefer black tea and coffee). Mugs are in the top cupboard over the sink. If needed, extra ones can be obtained from the other kitchen in the left-hand top corner cupboard. Please use the smaller tea-pot; the larger one won't fit under the taps. They are located on the high shelf near the boiler. You will need a metal jug for the hot water for the coffee; that is in the other kitchen in the bottom right-hand cupboard.


Sugar and spoons will be on a table at the other end of the lounge to avoid congestion.


Biscuits will be distributed around the tables as usual (plates are in the top right-hand cupboard).


Cold drinks will be provided in the other kitchen near the rehearsal hall, on a self-service basis. Plastic cups are in the top left-hand cupboard in the main kitchen.


Money: Choir members will pay £5 for the whole term for a hot drink and a biscuit. Cold drinks will be £2 for the term. People can still pay 50p per evening if they wish. An "honesty box" will operate for payment (see Joan Carder).


At the end of the interval please collect mugs and put them in the dishwasher. Plastic cups should be collected from the other kitchen, washed by hand, and put back in the top left hand cupboard.


Many thanks for your help. It is much appreciated!


If there are any problems please ask Joan Carder.