Refreshments Rota Summer Term 2019 


(Revised to 6.5.19.)


If you cannot do refreshments on the day indicated, please arrange your own swap and write in the other person's name in the end column of the list (on the table at rehearsals).


Please arrange amongst yourselves to bring milk (approx. 3-4 pints  and biscuits if stocks are low. Many thanks for your help!


PS: If you have recently joined the Choir, and as yet do not know the people you are doing refreshments with, please ask your part rep. to help with identifying them.


Here are the instruction for helpers.


 Date Helper 1 Helper 2 Helper 3
 April 29th Jean Clarke Rosalind Hall Elaine Norman
 May 6th Ros Bedlow Pam Markle  Karen Gibbon
 May 13th Clare Gillett Jan Burnell Paul Gillett
 May 20th Kairen Zonena Chris Hunn  Ruth Kaufman
 May 27th Chris Sobey Pip Kings  Sandy Daly
 June 3rd Leslie Searle Barbara Humm
 Paul Hickson
 June 10th Judy Sutton David Sutton Anna Kulakiewicz
 June 17th Liz Jarvis  Tessa Feaster Valerie Grant
 #Thurs June 20th Joan Carder Nicola Fuller 
 #Sat June 22nd Reh Joan Carder Lilian Mumme 
 June 24th Jo Rose Judith Woolnough Alyssa Hickson
 July 1st Carole Merriman Emily Morrell Jane O'Regan
 July 8th Julia Clarke Lorraine Dawes Stephanie Field

# Joan Carder will arrange the taking of supplies to the venue for these rehearsals