Refreshments Rota Winter Term 2018


If you cannot do refreshments on the day indicated, please arrange your own swap and write in the other person's name in the end column. Please arrange amongst yourselves to bring milk ( approx. 3-4 pints ) and biscuits if stocks are low. Many thanks for your help!


PS: If you have recently joined the Choir, and as yet do not know the people you are doing refreshments with, please ask your part rep. to help with identifying them.


Here are the instructions for helpers 


 Date Helper 1 Helper 2 Helper Name of swap
 Jan 8th Joan Carder Carole Merriman Jane Cooper 
 Jan 15th Barbara Humm Rachel Gibson Virginia Pollard 
 Jan 22nd Gillian Barker Tony Summers Peter Newbery 
 Jan 29th Pip Kings Janet Doe Helen Farrell 
 Feb 5th Judy Sutton David Sutton Jo Fletcher 
 Feb 12th Lorraine Dawes Valerie Daw Julia Clarke 
 Feb 19th Marian Jarvis Brian Jarvis Steve Lowe 
 Feb 26th Ruth Kaufman Vivien Parker Fiona Symon 
 Mar 5th David Pomfret Tessa Feaster Isobel Stobart 
 Mar 12th Ruth Kaufman Marilyn Grayston Lilian Mumme 
 Mar 19th Liz Wade Rachel Whitfield Jane O'Regan 
 Mar 26th Annette Jensen Nina Lewis Suzie Correya