Scores to bring on Mondays


  • Holy Week (Wood)
  • Seven Last Words From the Cross (Rathbone)
  • And starting from April, Requiem (Brahms)


As well as working towards our Easter concert and our Brahms performance in June, we will be preparing/polishing up a number of other items from our repertoire ready to perform at future events such as the Chingford Village Festival (now confirmed for Saturday 9th June), the joint concert with the French choir on 7th July, and the Stow Festival in September (still to be confirmed). Any you are missing can be bought from the library team for 50p each.


  • Call to Remembrance (Farrant) 
  • Evening Hymn (Purcell)
  • He Was Beautiful (Myers)
  • I Saw the Lord (Stainer)
  • Lay a Garland (Pearsall)
  • Never Weather-Beaten Sail (Wood)
  • O Sacrum Convivium (Messiaen)
  • Pull Down Lads (Tams)
  • Roseville Fair (Staines)
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Sommarpsalm (Ahlen)
  • Streets of London (McTell)
  • Valiant-for-Truth (Vaughan Williams)
  • Where'er You Walk (Handel)
  • Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem (Stanford)